The development of the Casino night   

For an allocated time, which will be announced beforehand by the Master of Ceremonies, your guests will try and increase the amount of chips they have.
They will be invited to change their chips at the tables to increas their chances of winning. At all times the croupiers are available to explain the rules and the basics of the games.

Games proposed :

French roulette (comprised of a ball and a roulette wheel with 37 numbers) a game with the highest payouts. The casino game of choice.

Boule (game with a ball and a fixed wheel with 9 numbers) a game of medium payouts. A simplified cousin of roulette.

Blackjack (card game) a game with the lowest payouts. The purpose of the game is to get 21 with the first 2 cards, Blackjack, or as close to 21 with several cards, playing against the bank.

Chuck and Luck (dice game)variable payouts an easy game for all novices. The object of the game is to play on the winning number of the roll of the dice.

Stud Poker a variation of classic poker, maximum 7 players playing against the bank to get a winning combination of cards.

Texas Hold'Em Poker another variation of classic poker comprised of upto 10 players. It's the latest game to be authorized in French casinos. The object is to have a winning hand, using the bank's cards, to beat the other players.

  The Auction   

At the close of play the Master of Ceremonies will develop a way to distribute the prizes :

- There is no progression qualitative nor quantitative of the prizes.
- The guests will be invited to bid on the prizes without knowing what they are ( no information will be divulged that way increasing the surprise).
- The joke prizes will be scattered throughout the list to amuse the guests.
- They must raise their hand and be designated by the auctioneer to win the prize.
- It's obligatory to have the amount bid or else the bid will be canceled.
- The Master of Ceremonies/auctioneer is the only person able to designate the winner.
- He will ensure that the same person doesn't win twice.
- He arbitrarily designate the winner-taking into consideration the atmosphere and delight of the participants.
- His role , above all, is to create an enjoyable atmosphere during the auction.

An example of lots for the auction :
School lot : scooter, orange baseball cap
Surfer lot : computer mouse, Medinoo mat
Music lover lot : portable CD player, sample CD
Gourmet lot : three in one chrome knife, Labeyrie foie gras
Insomniac lot : fluorescent sheep, herbal tea
Millionaire lot : toy Mercedes 500 SL, millionaire scratch card
Photographer lot : disposable camera, photo album
Globetrotter lot : compass, map, rucksack
Gardener lot : gardening set , curious seeds
Intellectual lot : brand name pen, telephone directory