The frenzy of Monaco or Las Vegas in the location of your choice.

Your guests given complementary chips to try their luck at Texas Hold'Em Poker.

Professional croupiers inviting seasoned and novice players to play together during your event.
A Master of Ceremonies will oversee the event and distribute prizes and trophies to the winners.

An unforgettable moment where pleasure and fun are the winners.

Poker Event

CONCEIVE your horse races!

Give a name in your big price decide on the name of your jockeys, show your advertising boarding and choose your winners.

Now that you gave a reality to your races make live your race course !
LThe guest provided with a free automatic cash dispenser are going to bet on horses.

In counters bets are taken while the bookmakers make rise auction and while the bad tips...

Your guest will encourage your favorite jockeys to the victory.

Royal Turf Event